Seven Black Friars
Seven Black Friars

Seven black friars, sitting back to back,
Fished from the bridge for a pike or a jack.
The first caught a tiddler,
The second caught a crab,
The third caught a winkle,
The fourth caught a dab,
      See a dab
The fifth caught a tadpole,
The sixth caught an eel,Eel
The seventh one caught an old cart wheel!
Cart wheel

Black Friar: A Catholic friar wearing the black robe of the Dominican order .
Dab: Any of various flatfishes, related to and resembling the flounders.
Tiddler: A small fish, suchas a stickleback or minnow.
Jack: Any of several fishes, especially any of various carangidae.
Winkle: Any of several small, often edible marine snails, especially of the genus Littorina, having thick, cone-shaped, whorled shells.

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