I Saw a Ship a-Sailing

Ship a-sailing
I saw a ship a-sailing,
A-sailing on the sea;
And, oh! it was all laden
With pretty, things for thee!

There were comfits in the cabin,
AppleAnd apples in the hold;Apple
The sails were made of silk,
And the masts were made of gold.

Little White MouseThe four-and-twenty sailors
That stood between the decks,
Were four-and-twenty white mice
With chains about their necks.
Little White Mouse
The captain was a duck,
With a packet on his back;
And when the ship began to move,
The captain said, "Quack! Quack!"
"Quack! Quack!"
"Quack! Quack!"

Comfit: A confection that consists of a piece of fruit, a seed, or a nut coated with sugar.
Hold: The part of a ship where cargo is stored.

Midi: I Saw a Ship a-Sailing

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