I Must Not Tease My Mother

I must not tease my mother,
For she is very kind;
And everything she says to me
I must directly mind;
For when I was a baby,
And could not speak or walk.
She let me in her bosom sleep,
And taught me how to talk.

I must not tease my mother,
And when she likes to read,
Or has the headache, I will step
Most silently indeed.
I will not choose a noisy play,
Nor trifling troubles tell,
But sit down quiet by her side,
And try to make her well.
I must not tease my mother,
I've heard dear father say;
When I was in my cradle sick,
She nursed me night and day.
She lays me in my little bed,
She gives me clothes and food,
And I have nothing else to pay
But trying to be good.

I must not tease my mother,
She loves me all the day;
And she has patience with my faults,
And teaches me to pray.
How much I'll strive to please her,
She every hour shall see;
For should she go away or die,
What would become of me?

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