Three Little Mice

Three little mice crept out to see
What they could find to have for tea,
Cheese Cookies
(For they were dainty, saucy mice,
And liked to nibble something nice),
But Pussy's eyes so big and bright
Pussy Cat Little Mouse Little MouseLittle Mouse
Soon sent them scampering off in a fright.

Little MouseCinco RatonesLittle Mouse

Cinco ratones en la cocina,
Five mice in the kitchen,
Buscan migajas para comer,
Look for crumbs to eat,
Suben y suben a la alacena,
They climb up on the cupboard,
Donde se encuentran un gran pastel,
Where they find a big cake,
Pero los ojos de un viejo gato,
But the eyes of an old cat,
A los ratones han visto ya,
Have already seen the mice.
Corren y corren a su agujero
They run, run to their hole
Y los ratones no salen de ahi.
And they don't leave there.

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